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Black Indica is one of the purest Indica strains available in the market today. You would completely enjoy the earthy aroma and sweet taste.


Black Indica is one of the purest Indica strains available in the market today. You would completely enjoy the earthy aroma and sweet taste. It is a very relaxing strain, great for after a long day. Due to its ability to ease and give relaxation, this strain has been used to treat mild to moderate pain and of course one of the best strains to offer to those who are having difficulties sleeping. Recommended for smoking and vaping.

The flavor is definitely based on berries and grapes, so it is generally sweet. However, the sweetness is very well balanced by notes of sage and pepper and there is a woody baseline. The aroma also contains a grape element, which is balanced by hints of spice, but is noticeably spicier than you might expect given the sweetness of the taste and has a robust, earthy base.

Black Indica is somewhat of a contradiction in the sense that, although it is a compact Indica, it has the kind of growing period expected of a taller strain, which flowers in eight to ten weeks indoors and is harvested in mid-October. outdoors. Provides the kind of performance you’d expect from larger strains, up to 500g / m2. Black Indica is actually quite an impressive strain to grow, as it takes its name from the color of its leaves, which can turn such an intense purple that they actually appear black. The buds are also deep purple in color and the entire plant develops a beautiful cover of glistening trichomes. To top it all, Black Indica is a fairly easy strain to grow. The key point to remember is that it is quite a greedy plant, so breeders must be prepared to provide it with plenty of food.


1 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 1 oz, 50g

2 reviews for Black Indica

  1. Sam

    This strain has been wonderful in treating my insomnia and migraines. Be prepared for full couch lock if you use this. Not ideal for days when you need to be productive, but a perfect nighttime smoke when you need to unwind. Great for insomnia and pain relief!

  2. Max

    “The Black” lives up to the hype, the only add would be the smoke is very smooth and easy on the lungs. I got my start as seed, from BCBUD Depot, then crossed a nice female with White Widow male on my first cross next I used a White female crossed with a “The Black” male. I now have two month old plants from both cross pollinations ready to reduce light from 24/7 to 12/12…..can’t wait. ps. this final cross, “The Black”+”White Widow I have named “Black Widow” ! Wish me luck I will keep you updated.

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