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Caly fx Relief

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  • Full spectrum CBD certified
  • Independent lab tested
  • Top of the line hardware / ceramic coil / C-Cell cartridges
  • 100% CA pesticide compliant

Feel relief in seconds as our custom blend of CBD and terpenes wipes out pain and inflammation.


Caly fx Relief is available in two formats, a rechargeable battery + cartridges.

Cartridges are sold separately from the pen-shaped rechargeable battery. This means that you only need to buy a pen-shaped battery and then buy one or more of the six different cartridges that are interchangeable.

And for someone who is sometimes technically inept, it was very easy to use. This vaping device is a medicinal air puff. Small and discreet, easy to carry … and even easier to fill … the days of pouring liquid are over.

These lovely little miracles come with your choice of CBD in a pre-filled capsule. Just take off the lid and pop it open! Genius!

What struck me the most was how much I loved the small design of this device … it fits even in the smallest pocket … and you can’t even see it with your closed hand.

Vaping is a very effective and efficient way to consume CBD. By bringing the vapor to the lungs, it reaches the bloodstream directly and is absorbed quickly and efficiently.

The CalyFX range comprises six custom mixes. Each combines high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil with carefully balanced 100% plant-based terpenes to achieve the desired lifting effect in your lifestyle.

CalyFX Relief – Provides relief from discomfort in seconds as CalyFx’s custom blend of terpenes and full spectrum distilled CBD relief waves relieve muscle discomfort.

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2 reviews for Caly fx Relief

  1. Paula

    I am very impressed with the vape… Quality is great, the energy I’m getting is awesome… Full of energy, not jittery and really focused… My new go to pre work out… @unleash_the_beast_mode

  2. Don

    WOW! I just got this delivered today and I took 5 hits and the blood rush just happened. It was amazing

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